Valesta offers the widest range of candidates in the industry, all of whom are carefully selected, well screened and professionally trained.  We therefore have a high probability of creating the right staffing solution for your organisation.

All our solutions are tailor-made to be completely in tune with your company's needs. Our associates will be pleased to liaise with you and discuss any specific need you may have.

Valesta provides everything for the consultants we place, including contracting, payroll, training and benefits.

You take care of your core business and we will take care of the rest!

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Staffing Solutions

Valesta connects you as client to qualified and well-trained professionals. We take care of all staffing needs so that you can focus on your core competencies and business goals. You have full access to a large talent pool of well-trained professionals. We offer the flexibility to scale your workforce according to your project needs. We support both short- and long-term assignments to meet fluctuating workforce and project needs.


Client Specific Solutions

Valesta provides flexible and specific staffing solutions, all tuned into your unique business needs.

For example, we created the Valesta Functional Service Provider (FSP) model and our Valesta Data Management Academy after many years of constant communication and negotiation with our clients. Either of these models could work for your company, or be custom tailored for your situations.

 Read the Valesta Functional Service datasheet

 Read the Valesta Data Management Academy datasheet


Valesta Site Support (VSS)

For our dedicated Valesta Site Support team, the focus remains on-site.  Our highly skilled and experienced colleagues can take care of the whole recruitment process for your site, selecting all the right candidates to support your business need.

In our experience, the life sciences industry requires a high level of flexibility. Valesta Site Support offers flexible recruitment solutions and contract agreements that are fully tailor-made and aligned with your staffing needs.

For your convenience and to ensure transparency, we work with all-in pricing and invoicing based on timesheets.

With Valesta Site Support you may count on receiving highly qualified profiles, highly skilled line management, continuous evaluation, follow-up, and training by the Valesta Academy.


Recruitment & Selection

In addition to our Valesta staffing solutions, you can count on the broad Valesta know how and expertise to support your direct hire needs.

All of our candidates are carefully selected and well screened by our competent and experienced industry specialists. This means Valesta has an available pool of highly skilled candidates with different levels of qualifications and experience – many of whom would be interested in a permanent position with you.

Direct Hire is possible through a "no cure no pay" model.



Throughout our collaboration with a broad variety of clients, Valesta has become familiar with and has implemented different cost models.

  • Transactional (one off) contracts and Master Service Agreements
  • Interim and contingent workers contracts
  • Fixed pricing and salary based pricing
  • Daily rate and monthly rate
  • Functional Service Provider models

Based upon your specific needs and preferred approach we will be more than happy to build a proposal that answers to your expectations.


Added value

For years, Valesta has been the recruitment partner for over 70 life science companies in Europe. We currently have over 200 professionals working at our clients' sites.

Thanks to a well-defined Human Resources policy and a dedicated client team, Valesta can ensure that we will work together with you to get a perfect understanding about the needs and requirements for any profile you might be looking for.

Our experienced recruitment team provides you with a vast pool of well screened and thoroughly trained professionals. We can provide you with various profiles, from supporting roles to management level, all attuned to your specific needs.

We realize that retention is key for all parties involved. Besides a competitive remuneration policy, our contingent workers are evaluated on a regular basis through a competence-based model and supported by our Valesta Academy. We guide and help them to build their careers.

Valesta has teams in multiple locations, which can potentially offer you the same level of service in additional countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States.