Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We all frequently face situations where we need to compromise or reach an agreement with someone, both at work and at home. It can be difficult to avoid arguments during negotiations and unfortunately sometimes a barrier is created for future communications between the different parties.

Valesta Academy aims to support all Valesta employees in building strong personal and professional skills. To support this need, a 2-day training course in negotiation skills has been set in place within the Valesta Academy training course offer.
Preparation is the way to succes!

During the negotiation skills training, all participants learn to improve their communication techniques by understanding the relevant professional and personal needs of all parties involved. Several tools and tips are provided to help you learn how to negotiate with people who have a different communication and negotiation style. Then, by becoming aware of your own personal style, you discover your communication strengths and your focus points during a negotiation. This will enable you to better reach a win-win agreement during future negotiations.

The most important part of a negotiation is the preparation. Preparation takes you 90% of the way to success! At this stage you have to ask yourself:

•    What do I want? What is my goal?
•    What is important for me?
•    What can I offer the other party?
•    What could be possible objections from the other party and how can I counter them?
•    How far am I willing to go in the negotiation?
•    Is only the result important or also the long-term relationship?

Valesta Academy: Share knowledge. Develop Talent.

Once you have answered these questions, you are ready for a successful negotiation with your counterpart.
As always, the Valesta Academy training has a hands-on approach and is practically oriented to ensure the provided theory can immediately be put into practice. During the practical exercises all participants take part in active discussions, participate in roll play, observe and provide feedback to each other. Using this model we can easily share knowledge within the group and help each other to grow. This provides a great environment for learning new skills and gaining new insights!

Insight provided by Kim Verbeeck, Training Manager Valesta