Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time management training at Valesta – More than tips and techniques

All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that - Baltasar Gracian

We all start each day with the same amount of time: 60 seconds in each minute, 60 minutes in each hour, 24 hours in each day…
Despite this, some people suffer from a chronic lack of time whilst others seemingly have more of it.

By managing our time better we can be more productive at work and – even more important – we can make sure that we do the right things in the time available.
Often the circumstances are blamed for the experienced time shortage: we just have too many things to do. And surely there is some truth in this.
Nevertheless, we have to realise that we ourselves are in control of what we do with our time and how we manage it.

To help our employees to make the most of the time they have, Valesta regularly offers training on time management.  As in all time management trainings, tips and techniques are offered to increase efficiency. In this training however, attendees also gain important insight in how they spend their available time and how they can change certain patterns...

Three weeks prior to the training, all participants perform an exercise that requires them to observe their own time allocation at work. This prepares them for the training and provides valuable information and insight. The Valesta Academy time management training enables our trainees to detect their main personal timewasters and to explore why they behave in a certain way. Only when they have a good perception of what drives their behavior will they be able to change their existing patterns.  

Will a training session on time management really solve a lack of time? Well, it can certainly be a good starting point. Taking control of your time and taking responsibility for your own output asks for a shift in thinking: how will you make conscious choices to do what is really important for you, today? And this takes time to learn.

Insight provided by Danielle Van den Bosch, HR Projects, Valesta Belgium