Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Last year Valesta staff members volunteered at HACHIKO.

Following this, we decided that we wanted to do more and now Valesta has become a godmother to the wonderful puppy Venice – a puppy assistance dog in training.

As promised, we would like to keep you posted on her progress and development.


Venice is living with her foster family since November 2018. She’s a wonderful bundle of joy and growing very fast, already weighing over 24kg.

With Venice it’s all or nothing! The one moment she is full of energy and the next she’s enjoying a little snooze! She loves her hugs and is learning more and more every day, picking up new commands with ease.

Venice does very well while visiting shops and stays quietly next to her foster supervisor. Still a difficult point is people passing by with long skirts or fluttering scarves, which is very interesting and still a real challenge for Venice.

Work hard, play hard.

Venice likes to relax and loves to play. Her favourite activity is to play fetch with her favourite toy: a plastic bottle with some pebbles in it. Moreover, she has a special love for cows, they make her totally wild!

In short, Venice is a really wise dog and a huge sweetheart!